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Today, less forex brokers operate in the U.S compared to anywhere else in the world – primarily due to The Dodd-Frank Act. This broker also boasts a wide array of LimeFX opportunities and offers 105 forex pairs, 7,400 CFDs, US-traded Bitcoin futures, and much more. Education was obviously a focus for IG. The details about regulation and licensing are quite important for the company and its clients.

  • I get good profit.
  • This allows you to trade with virtual money without any risks and gives you a sense of the current trading environment.
  • I am consistently gaining great profit.
  • From stocks to forex, commodities to the economy—we got you covered!
  • Signals and services are both good.
  • Lucky for you, our MyForexNews review team has done it for you.

The way we Review a LimeFXCenter Forex Broker to resolve if they’re a scam or professional Forex Broker, is by checking for a licensed from ASIC or FCA. Respectable Forex Brokers will at all times have a license from both the FCA in United Kingdom or ASIC scammed by limefx Australia. The LimeFX Center is an online Forex and CFD trading provider without a license. This is a way for your bank to recover the funds and help you get your money back. As mentioned, there’s a time limit, so starting now is of utmost importance.

As you can probably guess by now, we were favorably impressed by The LimeFX Center. We would appreciate it if they could port their trading platform to PC and we are sure others would appreciate a mobile version. Otherwise, we liked the variety of assets available, and the account tiers, which actually provide additional value as they progress, rather than simply adding fluff. Customer support is quite good, with the broker offering support six days out of the week. Forex Broker Review ( – SCAM

I want to close my account and receive an e-transfer which is directly deposited to my account. This has gone on for much too long. Message me as to when I will be refunded. In February I saw a channel 7 article online raving about LimeFX center uk.

LimeFX Center forex broker

I spend so much time figuring out data because I wanna make sure I am on the right track. Did some research and here is what I found out, this broker is really accurate in all market forecasts and they are a decent broker company. I get my withdrawals on time. They were able to address all my trading queries and concerns promptly. I am gaining decent profit and experience great services from them.

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When it comes to signals and trading advice, all are proven effective. I am overall satisfied with this broker’s service. The number of clients sticking with this broker is more important than its technical features. The value of its clients is fundamental. The supportive client base focusing on trades and aiding one another at The Business LimeFX Center fosters a positive environment. You may rely on them to assist you with any advice.

  • Based on their convenience and location, customers can choose one of three account currencies.
  • Highly skilled and experienced trading brokers.
  • LimeFX Center is an online forex broker with web-based trading platform.
  • I am happy to recommend it.
  • Well, for the past 2 months of trading with them, they’ve been doing well.

At the LimeFX Center, there are more than a few account types that you can choose from. They are ideal regardless of your trading background, abilities, and also your budget, which is something you should definitely keep in mind. The minimum deposit required to be able to enter the trading platform and begin with your journey at the LimeFX Center is $250. One of the best forex brokers with top-notch services.

It provides access to a sizable trading market and some of the top tools and services, which millions of traders may adore. I am still given the run around and it has been 14days since the deposit. Still nothing is reflective in my account. They are not calling me and have not given me access to thetrading platform which has been removed for 3 months now.

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A number of unregulated brokers like and related pages and have been reported to cheat people. Doesn’t allow you to withdraw money from your account. These are some of the warning signs of a troubled broker. The LimeFX Center is a CFD and Forex broker that was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Kingstown, St Vincent.

Since these domains were blacklisted, the company has developed a new website but old scam methods. Read The LimeFX Center review and get all the information about the broker. The above information is not enough to start trading with The LimeFX Center. Our reviews are a combination of data research and working alongside the brokers.

Services are great and people are very professional. Very quick and understanding trading support and professional brokers. Recommended. Withdrawal is always fast and easy.

Non-Trading Fees

Extraordinary brokers. They are well-versed in the forex market. I am so lucky to have them as my trading broker. There is a wide array of trading assets to choose from. All are very affordable and profitable.

I am happy to share my great trading experience with this broker. I gain good profit and they are very responsible in helping me. Great in all aspects.

I have been gaining a really good profit. This is a good trading company. They are very professional and they never fail to pay profit on time. I am overall satisfied with the broker services.

  • In addition, every broker we surveyed was asked to fill out a comprehensive survey about all aspects of their platform that we used in our testing.
  • Good forex broker, they are very friendly and professional.
  • Since, what is the point of making great profits with trading if you can’t be certain that those funds will be secure for you?
  • They include lessons for different types of traders and levels of knowledge, so there is no fear of missing out on anything important.
  • For example, the Bitcoin option, like any other e-wallet type, is able to process it instantly, without any waiting times.

You can also get your fix of education by registering for its weekly Foundations of Forex Trading webinar. LimeFX also offers plenty of educational videos, articles, and platform tutorials – and beginners can make use of a demo account to get acquainted with their platforms. LimeFX also offers a wide variety of analysis tools, with their platforms supporting over 90 technical indicators, as well as news from a variety of channels. The standard account charges spreads, and no commission, while the Direct Market Access account is commission-based and more suitable to U.S traders with a very high trading volume. The company generates the majority of its revenue from spreads, while new customers can choose between two account options, the pricing depends on the account type. This decentralized and global nature of the industry also carries significant risk, making it an ideal target for fraud.

They always go beyond expectations. Very professional and friendly and best of all delivers great results all the time. Great trading limefx website partner. They always check on my trades and come up with effective advice. They attend to all of my trading needs promptly.

No, this firm doesn’t offer a Demo account, only Real account types. If you want to have a money-back guarantee and to know if your funds are treated with due respect, the best is to find a Tier1 regulated brokerage. Sadly, The LimeFX Center is not one of them. The firm has no ASIC, FCA, or other regulations and operates illegally.

Competitive forex broker. They are very professional in all transactions. Experienced enough to get good trades. Worth my money and time.

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