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In words, elected leaders absolutely do need more power over the deep state. This system was created with one piece of legislation in 1883 called thePendleton Act. The administrative state even got its own constitution in 1946 called theAdministrative Procedures Act. The 1984 Supreme Court decision inChevron vs NRDCevenentrenched deferenceto the agency’s interpretation of the law. Also part of this, no one in government has a permanent job that is exempt from oversight.

Soros’s foundation claims to promote democracy and individualism, but in reality, it supports a more radical agenda, said Palumbo. Soros-backed media agencies use this concept to create false narratives and make people believe in something that did not actually occur. The reason Soros is able to have this level of influence is that he gives tens of millions of dollars to the U.S. media infrastructure. Soros created a financial concept called reflexivity, which Palumbo said is “brilliant,” because it can cause what Soros wants in the finance sector to happen.

  • We, the people, have let our political leaders to “sleepwalk” us into this cataclysmic watershed.
  • In summary, LimeFX is an upcoming broker and is still on the path to breaking into the market.
  • Based on data presented by the International Commission on Radiological Protection , in the above infographic, we have broken down a human body to its elemental composition and the percentages in which they exist.
  • Any citizen of Xinjiang sporting abeard, wearing a veil, attending a religious service ordownloadingverses from the Koran is subject to arrest and confinement in an internment camp.
  • Biden himself has said in recent weeks that he is considering a tariff cut, noting that the levies were introduced by the previous administration.

“Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, the United States enjoyed record unemployment, economic stability, safety, and global respect. Many are yearning for a return to these policies and the prosperity good leadership can bring,” Ready for Ron legal counsel and spokeswoman Lilian Rodríguez-Baz told The Epoch Times via video. The research, which was conducted by Impact Social, looked at 40,000 “swing” voters on social media and categorized them into ten segments, from “Disillusioned Trump” voters, Obama-turned-Trump voters, to “Bernie Sanders” voters. The real government is exercised by a bunch of apparatchiks chosen by compromise between executive powers, acting in a supremely opaque manner. The avowed top aim of the G7 summit in Schloss Elmau at the Bavarian Alps is to “project unity” – as in the stalwarts of the collective west united in sustainable and indefinite “support” for the irretrievably failed Ukrainian state. GDI can be seen as a support mechanism of the overarching strategy – which remains the Belt and Road Initiative , consisting of economic corridors interlinking Eurasia all the way to its western peninsula, Europe.

Trump Gets More Traction, But More Attacks Too

That move was seen as a novel form of retaliation for EU sanctions against Belarus over its treatment of dissidents. Followinga rulingthat will see the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gases reined in, AOC tweeted that Joe Biden’s suggestion of suspending the filibuster in the Senate isn’t enough. The clip has triggered a debate on social media over whether the messaging is appropriate for an animated series directly aimed at younger viewers, with many accusing Disney of trying to normalize to children the idea that biological males can have periods. The video was obtained and shared by conservative author and filmmaker Christopher Rufo. Earlier this year, Rufo publicized video footage of an internal company call, in which Disney executives discussed the company’s “not-at-all secret gay agenda,” including a push for more LGBT cartoon characters.

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Israel has long been against it, seeing in any resurrected deal an opportunity the Iranians will use to cover up a nuclear weapons development program. The Israelis have for well over a year sought to thwart it, but have also said that it there is a deal it must be very strong, and include imposed limitations on Iranian long-range missiles as well. This is still possible, but the political space to revive the JCPOA may narrow soon,” he tweeted to start out the week. He’s recently been in Tehran as well as Doha, Qatar – talking to both sides as each blames the other for stalled negotiations.

Why is it called the “Observable” Universe?

A think tank is an institution where academics are paid by the worst people in the world to come up with explanations for why it would be good and smart to do something evil and stupid, which are then pitched at key points of influence in the media and the government. “Think tank” is a good and accurate label for these institutions, because they are dedicated to controlling what people think, and because they are artificial enclosures for slimy creatures. The beer uses Singapore’s “NEWater”, which is the country’s drinking water that has been recycled from sewage. The water was first used in 2003 as a project to “improve the island’s water security,” the report says. But the first step is identifying these issues, and talking about them. Newsrooms are operating with much smaller teams and budgets, and one result is‘churnalism’.

An analysis of social media posts shared with The Epoch Times shows growing momentum for Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis as the GOP presidential nominee in 2024 among voters who aren’t solidly in the Trump camp. De Blasio spoke to AIPAC’s national conferencein March 2019—two months for before declaring his candidacy for president. He laid out what he called a “progressive case for the state of Israel,” but condemned the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement that many progressives embrace as a means of opposing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. The Russian economy is currently experiencing unprecedented pressure from a group of countries led by the United States, with more than10,000 sanctionsimposed on the country, its citizens, and companies.

  • Last week, NSO said “at least” five European Union governments have purchased its spyware, and that the firm canceled one of the contracts after an EU country misused it.
  • “They shared fact-based information which furthered an important public interest as people around the world try to decide how to treat themselves and their loved ones for COVID-19.
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  • The more fiat money that is printed by the world’s central banks, the greater the perception that fiat is a form of bad money, leading people to want to spend their dollars and hoard their bitcoins.
  • But gun makers are in a particular hurry to exit these states in response to new laws and regulations seemingly intended to drive them out.

But it’s still hard to see a catalyst for investors genuinely reassessing their views so much in such a short period of time. The volatility underscores not only a lack of certainty about which way inflation and recession risks will play out, but also speaks to both the lack of liquidity within markets and a lack of real conviction among investors. The former has been a hot topic of discussion, particularly as the Fed embarks on its quantitative tightening program. And the latter is borne out by recent indicators that show many folks desperately clinging to neutral stances. The incoming administration is also going to be expanding strategic reserves for oil and liquefied natural gas.

Where does this massive funding package come from? Where does the US get the money for this huge amount?

Indeed one concern is that initial jobless claims are up from a trough of 166k in March to 229k last week. Over time, Reid writes, these two series are very well correlated so this is a big enough move to confirm an imminent recession if continuing claims catch up. However this series is seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted claims are still bumping along the bottom and DB economist Matt Luzzetti thinks there may be some issues with seasonally adjusting so he wouldn’t yet read anything too significant into the pick-up in SA claims.

  • MAS — where 3AC was previously headquartered — then stated that the fund willfully submitted false information on its balance sheets, and exceeded its allowed assets under management for several months.
  • The network reported that Tulare County Court Commissioner Mikki Verissimo signed the order to release both men.
  • All they will do is delay the inevitable becauseas I pointed out the other day, there isn’t the productive capacity TODAY to fight a two-front war in Europe and the Pacific.
  • The risk-off market mood is spreading to the cryptocurrency exchanges as investors withdraw and stow their coins off-line in crypto wallets instead.

Experiencing hardship due to gas prices is, naturally, strongly related to household income. Eskom Chief Executive Andre de Ruyter said the strikes are unlawful because electricity is considered an essential service. A court blocked the strike, though protests still happened anyway, crippling the economy.

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Some people suggested that it’s because of Omar’s support for Roe v. Wade, a Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion nationwide, support for LGBT causes, and other left-wing causes. Power-grid operators across the US recentlywarnedabout the increasing risks of electricity shortages and the potential need to implement rolling blackouts for grid stability this summer. According to aReutersreport, utilities are sounding the alarm about a transformer shortage. In the same month, 79 illegal immigrants were found dead or died while crossing the border, according to the CBP data. The record deaths came as Customs and Border Protection agents reported a record number of apprehensions along the southern border. On Wednesday I want an emergency debate about this with the Prime Minister and the Minister of J&V.

Can you short VIX?

And even if VIX just is a synthetic index, it can be traded through futures, or funds that invest in VIX futures contracts. There are several ways that you can short the VIX. You could look for spikes in price where the market has become overbought, or follow the trend on its way down.

The ordinance is an amendment to the city’s sweeping law regulating the location of homeless encampments. Municipal Code 41.18 prohibits sitting, sleeping, lying or otherwise obstructing the public right of way in several areas of the city. Now, too many demand the return of the very same tyranny our forefathers rebelled against. We’ve been around long enough and seen enough independence days to notice that America is now more divided than ever. The Fourth of July used to stand for all Americans coming together to celebrate our independence day from tyranny. Independence Day was the culmination of our great plan to improve the UK.

Maryland bans popular weapons such as the AR-15 and similar rifles and limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds. $15.3 million is due in principal and interest, but the complex will only pay $8.5 million. The company that sold the bonds, NCCD-College Station Properties LLC, still has about $342 million in bonds outstanding, Bloomberg reported.

It’s also not even in the ballpark of the US government’s dubious official inflation rate of 8.6%, which is undoubtedly understated. Assange is currently imprisoned by the United Kingdom limefx website pending an extradition to the United States on charges under the U.S. Those charges spring from his receipt and publishing of vast troves of classified American government documents.

Perhaps nowhere more so than in the acute threat of a CCP invasion of the democratic Taiwan, which has maintained its de facto independence since 1949. “The Navy assessed that the commercial cargo ship was likely conducting surveillance on Navy vessels using drones,” the report said. During its first-ever operational voyage, the ship may have been linked to previously unknown incidents in March and April 2019, including “intelligence collection operations” targeting the USS Zumwalt, America’s most advanced surface combatant.

Crude stockpiles, for example, will rise to more than 100 million barrels by 2025, up from 96.5 million barrels currently. LNG reserves will rise to 18.4 million kiloliters by 2034, up from 13.7 million, the report says. It’s probably not a surprise then that with markets hoping for a print just north of 200K that consensus is also in the same ballpark . Ukraine has reportedly summoned Turkey’s ambassador, according to a Ukrainian foreign ministry statement Thursday.

The US under Biden is now amping up military spending, presumably to increase ammunition production levels. As Alex rightly points out, echoing points that Dexter White has discussed in theGold Goats ‘n Guns newsletter,keiretsu or just-in-time manufacturingis how we operate here in the West. That system is under massive stress thanks to the supply chain breakdown created byDavosover COVID-19. The emergence of gasolinedemand destructionand threats of recession has brought down the national average price of regular gas by about 3% from the record high of $5.016 a gallon to $4.857 in the last few weeks. That’s a 16-cent saving per gallon — factor in the average fuel tank size for a US automobile is about 14 gallons — drivers will save a paltry $2.24 every time they fill up.

Only with education can we break through the noise and show the rest of the world what Bitcoin canreallydo. This is the US empire which corrupt psychopaths like Mike Pompeo support. A power structure which wages nonstop wars in order to keep the peace, which continually oppresses populations around the world in order to protect freedom, and which limefx company reviews risks nuclear war with increasingly reckless aggression to in order save the world. The beer, called “NEWBrew”, is a “collaboration between the country’s national water agency, PUB, and local craft brewery Brewerkz,” according to a Bloomberg report this week. The idea was first discussed in 2018 and it finally went on sale this past April.

LimeFX forex broker

A South Carolina state representative on the ballot for the Democratic primary runoff on June 28 for the U.S. Senate has been heard in leaked audio strategizing on how to utilize Democrat “sleepers” to run as Republicans in local elections, as well as requesting drug money from a state prison inmate. Kabessa’s Law is the social capital equivalent of this dynamic, named after a popular crypto pundit who firstpostulatedthe dilemma that every would-be influencer faces in a centralized setting — to build or to buy. This law states that counterfeit online social capital eventually drives out the quality kind, taking over.

Modernization of the military comes as South Korea’s newly elected President Yoon Suk-yeol warned Wednesday to “promptly and sternly” retaliate against the North amid growing concerns Kim Jong-un is preparing to conduct its first nuclear test in five years. The number of Americans in financial distress continues to soar, as the latest Labor Department report shows the consumer-price index at a 40-year high of 8.6% annually. The Monmouth University Polling Institutecommissioneda new study that found a majority of Americans believe the nation is on the “wrong track” because of President Biden’s economic policies.

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