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A Critique of Porter’s Cost Leadership and Differentiation Strategies: An Update New Innovations in Economics, Business and Management Vol 9

Because of its self-sufficiency, Wal-Mart is consistent in selling goods at cheaper prices. Other firms might find submarkets within the target market of the focus firm and out focus the focuser. The factors that lead to cost leadership also provide entry barriers in many instances.

  • Wal-Mart also controls the distribution with its own massive warehouses and logistics equipment.
  • This is an update of a critique of Porter’s cost leadership and differentiation strategies .
  • So, the club sustains the competitive edge by retaining Messi – he has not played for another club apart from his country.
  • Porter suggests a way through his matrix incorporating a source of cost and differentiation advantage juxtaposed against broad and narrow markets in which the firm competes.

Classification of Markets – Modern Markets I recently did an article that covered one of the most basic questions in Marketing or in Business Studies. I further went on to explain in that article the classification of traditional markets. Today, in this article, I will take you through the classification of modern markets with examples from my work life. There are several ways in which one can maintain a competitive advantage.

PM Narendra Modi has also taken him in consideration for Competitive strategy for NITI AYOG TRANSFORMATION in May 2017. Michael Porter developed three generic competitive strategies, that can be used by a company for competitive advantage, back in 1980. Cost leadership, Differentiation, Focus Strategy “ Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different “ – Michael Porter.

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In a focus strategy, company concentrates only on a particular or a limited range of market segments. In this strategy, the firm focuses on a few target markets. It is suitable for small firms but can be used by any company. Focus strategy may be used to select targets that are less susceptible to substitutes or where a competition is weakest to earn above-average return on investment. Porter argues that cost leadership and differentiation offer an equally viable path to competitive success.

  • These firms are also highly vulnerable to broadly scoped firms.
  • Even more than that, the question would be how to develop this competitive advantage.
  • Global businesses need truly global leaders and therefore through this article lets understand what goes into making these leaders.
  • The sources of cost advantage are varied and depend on the structure of the industry.
  • The generic strategy of focus rests on the choice of a narrow competitive scope within an industry.

The focus on costs can be difficult in industries where economies of scale play an important role. There is the evident danger that the niche may disappear over time, as the compound interest formula example india business environment and customer preferences change over time. Differentiation strategy involves making the products or services diverse yet attractive than competitors.

For new businesses especially entering established markets, it is very important to find a competitive advantage. When a company employs certain strategies to achieve profitability greater than the average of all other companies in the industry, then the company is said to have competitive advantage. Michael Porter suggests that all companies either focus on cost leadership or differentiation to gain competitive advantage. According to Porter , a company’s failure to make a choice between cost leadership and differentiation essentially implies that the company is stuck in the middle.

More scale over competitors gives you the advantage to sell at a lower cost and achieve economies of scale. This is an update of a critique of Porter’s cost leadership and differentiation strategies . Cost leadership in selected market niches where it has a local or unique costadvantage.

Executing successful marketing segmentation process

Young buyers in search of stylish furniture and household accessories at a low cost are IKEA’s targeted market audience. This strategy encourages organizations to differentiate their products and services from competitors even at the risk of far higher expenses. Creativity and lateral thinking are vital for such a strategy, as is reliance on customer feedback and diversification. The combination of generic strategies was called stuck in the middle. One way to overcome this problem is to develop separate businesses that cater to different segments of the market. A firm can attempt to become a cost leader by employing the cost leadership strategy.

porter's competitive strategies

Both these companies used the generic strategies of differentiation and low cost simultaneously, which led to the success of the companies. The companies that attempt to become the lowest-cost producers in an industry can be referred to as those following a cost leadership strategy. The company with the lowest costs would earn the highest profits in the event when the competing products are essentially undifferentiated, and selling at a standard market price. Companies following this strategy place emphasis on cost reduction in every activity in the value chain. It is important to note that a company might be a cost leader but that does not necessarily imply that the company’s products would have a low price. In certain instances, the company can for instance charge an average price while following the low cost leadership strategy and reinvest the extra profits into the business .

Cost Focus

In the low-cost strategy, the firm’s mindlessly reduces the price and try to provide a product at a low price as possible. On the other hand in the best cost strategy, the firms try to provide the best value at the lowest cost. An explanation for this is that a low-cost strategy soon develops into a price war between the firms. It becomes very difficult for firms to provide the same value to the customers. Forms either race towards the bottom of the price or they start providing lower quality products.

  • Once again, the differentiation focus strategy is a favorite for startups.
  • Perceived or actual differences between products and services might vanish.
  • Porter used the terms ‘cost leadership’ and ‘differentiation’, wherein the latter is the way in which companies can earn a price premium.
  • Government to issue new norms to address management control, voting rights in insurance FDIBone of contention is the definition of ‘management control’.
  • Here’s why With some of the greatest disadvantages of cost plus pricing, I will tell you why I think it is the worst form of pricing.

The outlets are strategically located, and people who want to discuss matters at leisure over a cup of coffee will choose CCD over any other outlet. Increased cost differential between low cost producers and the differentiating firm will stimulate brand loyalty customers to switch brands. Thus, buyers would sacrifice some additional features and image for huge savings in cost.

Porter’s generic strategies

It shields a firm from competitive rivalry by creating brand loyalty; it lowers the price elasticity of demand by making customers less sensitive to price changes in products. Michael E Porter has outlined three generic strategies that can be used by a business brand to acquire a source of competitive advantage. Every firm in the business world has a competitive strategy. A prime example of this strategy is Hindustan Lever, which, while focused on FMCG, has a range of products even within the soaps category for different segments. Such a strategy needs strong segmentation, marketing and branding skills. Porter’s generic strategies are and how they provide an edge to brands and organizations in competitive markets.

How a company does this depends on the nature of the industry. Differentiation involves product features, functionality, durability, support, service quality, time and also brand image which the customers value. To make a success of a Differentiation strategy, organizations need good research and development, innovation and the ability to deliver high-quality product or service. It also requires effective sales and marketing team, so that the market understands the benefits offered by the differentiated offerings. Levi’s dominated the jeans market for decades, but in the early 1990s competitors moved their production function offshore, dramatically reducing their expenses.

Differentiation Focus Strategy

Second, serve the middle class by competing in the mid-price segment, offering better quality than the competition at a somewhat higher price. It is this path that can lead to market share leadership—a strategy that can be both profitable—and sustainable. Porter identifies high market share with cost leadership, citing General Motors as a successful practitioner of this strategy. However, GM became a market share leader in the American automobile industry due to a strategy of market segmentation, differentiation and a broad scope shaped during the 1920s. Lowest cost structure vis-à-vis competitors allowing price flexibility and higher profitability. The best way to achieve this goal is to mass produce, mass distribute and mass sell and take advantage of the scale economies.

The Generic strategy that ZARA has used is Cost differentiation. Lapaasachieved their success in large part due to theirLow Price Approach. This is done by casting the company as a low-cost alternative which increases both i.e company profit and the company profile. On Comparing with other countries India is underperforming on social progress, according to Michael E. Porter, the Father of corporate strategy and management. Our web design services help you in stand out from the crowd, increase your ROI and credibility. Government to issue new norms to address management control, voting rights in insurance FDIBone of contention is the definition of ‘management control’.

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