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Top Firmware Development Interview Questions & Answers

Having this knowledge helps you come across well-informed, versatile, and that you have a willingness to learn. Download a copy of all these embedded engineering interview questions. A Controller Area Network is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer. It is a message-based protocol, designed originally for multiplex electrical wiring within automobiles to save on copper, but can also be used in many other contexts.

The embedded system is an integrated hardware circuit system which is programmed to operate, organize and perform the singular or multiple tasks based on the application. The assembled units of the embedded system work together based on a set of program or rules which have been embedded into the microcontroller. This question can help the interviewer understand how you approach your work and what methods you use to ensure quality.

  • See this article, How to write data in internal EEPROM in PIC.
  • Some other points may be considered for little late delivery or missing timeline due to the better product.
  • Interrupt latency can be reduced by writing minor ISR routines.
  • So the circuit connection will be complicated.It has a CPU along with RAM, ROM, and other peripherals embedded on a single chip.
  • There are plenty of European recruitment embedded software jobs available for you.
  • In most workstations, a trade-off subsists among interrupt latency, processor utilization, and throughput.

But wifi standards are also fairly complex and require dedicated hardware. Discuss a couple of options for wireless communication between embedded devices. On many processors / compilers, floating point operations are not necessarily re-entrant.

If the size of the requested space is zero, the behavior will be implementation-defined. The return value of the malloc could be a null pointer or it shows the behavior of that size is some nonzero value. It is suggested by the standard to not use the pointer to access an object that is returned by the malloc while the size is zero. Trying to access memory the program does not have rights to . Trying to access a nonexistent memory address (outside process’s address space). Priority inheritance is a solution to the priority inversion problem.

See this Article, Architecture of the 8051 microcontrollers. The 8051 microcontroller has a maximum oscillator frequency of 12 MHz, and peak performance is 1 MIP. The Null pointer is a pointer that does not point to any valid location. The NULL pointer is defined when we want to ensure that the pointer does not point to any valid location and not to use that pointer to change anything.

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It is a piece of hardware which is used for automatic detection of software anomalies. This timer is mainly based on a counter which can count down from some initial value to zero. Pre-processor is system software which can run on a computer’s hardware and application.

A recursive function is used when it is known that the number of recursive calls is not excessive. It uses multiplexing techniques to multiplex the same input and output signals. A density-based traffic signal system controls the signal timing according to the traffic density at junctions.

Embedded Systems Software Developer Interview Questions

Use examples from past experiences to show that you are able to identify problems, solve them and learn from your mistakes. This question can help the interviewer understand how you approach your work and whether you’re willing to take initiative. Your answer should show that you are open to feedback and suggestions, and you can use them to improve your work.

embedded systems interview questions

Passing structure by its value to a function is possible, but not a good programming practice. Inline function is a feature to increase execution time of program and reduce function calling overhead. Dangling pointers are clearly aberrations that arise due to the obliteration of a referencing object. It is known as dangling because the pointer is essentially pointing to a ghost memory, one that is not at its disposal. Consequently, it gives rise to what is known as the segmentation fault. A static variable does not redeclare that means if it is declared in a function it will not redeclare on each function call, therefore, static is able to maintain the value.

They may also want to find out about your hands-on experience with software engineering and coding techniques or assess your skills through an interview project. How to prepare for an embedded software engineer interview. This is the most asked Embedded System Interview Questions in an interview. Forward reference in C indicates that when we plan to address or point to one smaller data type with a specific pointer of one bigger data type in the C programming language. The main utility of the same is that the declared variable can be changed easily from outside of that specific program. Normally, when we compile any program, the compiler default performs some additional optimization for that specific program.

Indicates the candidate’s knowledge of software design best practices. With embedded system, it is possible to replace dozens or even more of hardware logic gates, input buffers, timing circuits, output drivers, etc. with a relatively cheap microprocessor. The interruption could be caused by an internal action such as a jump or call, or by an external action such as an interrupt or signal. Once the reentered invocation completes, the previous invocations will resume correct execution. There are a lot of places, where the function pointers can be used. Generally, function pointers are used in the implementation of the callback function, finite state machine and to provide the feature of polymorphism in C language …etc.

The Five Stages Of The Embedded Interview

There is no start and stop bits, so the data can be streamed continuously without interruption. SPI is supported only multi-slave does not support multi-master and slaves are selected by the slave select signal. In SPI during the communication data is shifted out from the master and shifted into the slave vice- versa through the shift register.

You need to be really good at bit manipulations, arrays, strings, pointers, linked list, stacks and queues. Familiarity with binary trees, hash tables, DFS/BFS, sorting algorithms can be helpful as well. I would not worry too much about more software focused areas like dynamic programming and graph theory if you are specifically targeting low level embedded/firmware roles.

If the software has not restarted and the timer is at zero then it signifies malfunctioning of the software. When you restart the counter of watchdog timer then this process is known as kicking the dog. The watchdog timer is really effective in preventing your system from several dangerous situations by detecting the activity in advance. In the case of multitasking, deadlock can also occur. The watchdog timer is embedded in microcontrollers and triggers the restart whenever needed. For example, if you’re developing a driver code for a Timer module and it has a function to do whenever an overflow interrupt is fired.

embedded systems interview questions

So, there is a huge scope for professionals in the job market. We at Tekslate, have prepared a bunch of top interview questions in this blog that covers the basics of the embedded systems. We hope you will benefit from these questions and clear your interview easily.

At least one compiler vendor now offers a compiler switch for specifying the bit field ordering. Furthermore the compiler generates optimal code with bit field defined registers – and as such I now do use bit fields in IAR applications. If you knew the answer, or guessed correctly – then well done. If you didn’t know the answer then I would not consider this to be a problem. I find the biggest benefit of this question is that it is very good for stimulating questions on coding styles, the value of code reviews and the benefits of using lint. I stumbled across this only recently, when a colleague of mine inadvertently passed a value of 0 to malloc, and got back a valid pointer!

Embedded systems use infinite loops to process or monitor the state of a program repeatedly. For example, in a customer support telephone system, a pre-recorded audio embedded system meaning file is played in case the dialer is on hold. It reads and writes in the memory, but it decreases the performance because of the time consumed in the memory.

Bit Manipulation Embedded Software Engineer Interview Questions

A) Volatile is used to prevent the compiler to optimize any variable. Explain binary search time complexity in every case (this wasn’t the exact question but related to this). Arrange main, secondary, and cache nearest to farthest from the processor. So I went through the Qualcomm interview which is pretty good and had a great conversation with the interviewer, and I’m going to share every possible aspect of mine. And I’ll suggest all of you clear your basics and if you’ll do this, you will find the interview quite interesting and easy at the same time. The most important, in IMO, is to have a up-front check list of items you want to investigate, likely with a minimal rule out threshold defined too.

Role Of An Embedded Software Engineer

Therefore, it is not ideal for the devices running on stored power like batteries.As external components are low, total power consumption is less. So the circuit connection will be complicated.It has a CPU along with RAM, ROM, and other peripherals embedded on a single chip. The embedded engineer interview at Google comprises multiple on-site interviews, about four rounds of interviews.

Embedded Software Engineer Interview Questions

Semaphore is basically maintaining storage of varieties abstract data to control access of various resources across all the running active threads or multiple processes. This is the basic Embedded System Interview Question asked in an interview. But for the case of soft real-time, it also very strict on a timeline but still a little soft way.

This question is designed to determine what a candidate understands about the inner workings of an embedded system. It is the time taken to return from the interrupt service routine post handling a specific interrupt. Interrupt latency can be reduced by writing minor ISR routines. Eye contact, sitting straight, not frowning, hand gestures, and nodding your head in response to questions, all of these impact how your interviewer sees you.

The process waiting for any resource which has a resource lock will have the maximum priority. The job returns to the original priority level soon after executing the critical section. A static variable cannot be declared without defining it. But doing so, the result will be having a private copy of that variable in each source file which includes the header file. So it will be wise not to declare a static variable in header file, unless you are dealing with a different scenario. With inline, compiler replaces the function call statement with function code itself.

Putting a break point inside ISR is not a good idea because debugging will take some time and a difference of half or more second will lead to different behavior of hardware. We can use function inside ISR as long as that function is not invoked from other portion of the code. An ISR returns nothing because there is no caller in the code to read the returned values. Null pointer actually means a pointer that does not point to any valid location. We define a pointer to be null when we want to make sure that the pointer does not point to any valid location and not to use that pointer to change anything. If we don’t use null pointer, then we cannot verify whether this pointer points to any valid location or not.

What Is The Difference Between Software And Firmware?

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Which copies the code inside a .c file into your target .c file. Now, it’s up to the compiler to look at the code and see if there is a C rule violation or not. It’s a very bad practice to do this, you should only include header files that have declarations and functions prototypes, not their implementation. However, on the other hand, if a global variable is declared to be static, it’ll be only global across the source code .c file it’s been declared into. No other files in the project can extern and access this variable.

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